How to remove your GoDaddy account and websites

Learn how to delete your account, domains and websites

To Delete your hosting account (website and domain) from GoDaddy servers:

  1. Login to your Godaddy Dashboard
  2. Select “Web Hosting”
  3. Then click on “Options”
  4. Click “Cancel this Account”

To Delete a customer account (Your Data, website, domain)

You need to know you will not completely delete a godaddy customer account:
Follow this link to find out more Deactivate Account

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  • Regina Azucena

    I have a Godaddy account which I haven’t used in over a year and don’t intend to use at all. I would like to delete the account. The problem is that i have my bank account information associated with the account and I am not comfortable with that. I talked to a service rep and she told me that there is no way to delete an account. There is also NO WAY to delete the bank account information from my account unless I add another form of payment (i.e. credit or debit card). I tried to add a fake credit card #, but their software detects that and won’t let me do that. It would also not let me enter a credit card that I have which is expired. Is it legal for a company to force you to keep a method of payment on their website forever, when you have stated that you would like to delete your account?

  • Tevya Washburn

    This is how to cancel Godaddy hosting. This isn’t how to cancel your Godaddy account.

    • Christina

      how do you cancel you Godaddy account?