To vanish or not to vanish from the Web?

For some time a number of researchers around the world got to examine  an abuse of social networks by users that showed a higher risk of disorders. According to the researchers, in fact, the misuse of the web significantly increases the risk of depression in boys.
Fear of Missing Out, or if you prefer F.O.M.O. in the form of an acronym, this is the name of a syndrome that has more and more widespread lately.  It’s  fear of missing out on an event in the network due to a lack of control of email and social networks. Among the other symptoms of F.O.M.O. there would be: the tendency to see the e-mail and social networks first thing in the morning and the propensity to manage multiple accounts.

Most of the people would express  the desire to take a vacation from all this. The only cure that lies ahead so that you do not have any cyber addiction is deleting your account, your data, in other words, vanish from the Internet. But what could ever push a person who has lived fully immersed in the web his last years to want to isolate himself escaping from the internet? MMM.. Let’s see, a cyber stalker? Sometimes that can be the mover, but  mostly the fact that internet takes up too much space in our lives. But why not move from words to deeds? One of the solutions that you might find to make this fear disappear  would in fact be to kill all your data available on the web. This trend as already mentioned, is becoming increasingly common and to isolate ourselves from social networks is no longer a utopia.

Paul Miller, a journalist from The Verge,  decided to pull the plug for a year, and focus on “the important things in life,” away from Internet. From midnight of May of 2012, Miller went on to work for The Verge, paid for, but to be offline. Throughout, to show how the web makes us unproductive, even moving away from reality. The result? Miller has informed us that he had discovered new faults off-line. Instead of turning boredom into creativity, he abandoned himself to passivity and social withdrawal. “I do not ride my bike for a year, my fresbee is overwhelmed by the dust, and I do not go out as I should“. These are the words of who decided to escape from the web.

We would be prepared to do the same thing or the web there dominates us that much that what Miller did would be impossible for us? Well, a lot of people is starting to do so, but it’s up to them how long they will be able to escape from the internet.

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