Escape from the web

and leave no trace!

Protect your privacy and erase all your accounts with a click

The Easy Way to delete all your accounts

Have you ever tried to look for your neighbors on the web? That’s really simple: google their name and you’ll get a list of results that connect your neighbor across the various social networks, classifieds sites and web services of all kinds that he utilizes.

Cool, isn’t it? Well, it’s not as fun when you think that the search could be carried out in your name.

The Internet can be a very scary from this perspective: Our personal information, our relationships, even our curricula can be retrieved online with incredible simplicity.

Not only that, but our reputation on the web could somehow influence our career, our relationships and ultimately our future in the real world.

Registration policies and user data disposal may vary from site to site. Some social networks don’t allow your data to be completely removed; others simply require a click to do so.

JustDeleteMe aims to help make this procedure simpler and self-fulfilling.

This is a website that will allow you to eliminate any type of account with a click, just look for the social network from which to unsubscribe and you will get all the information needed to perform deletion of your data.

The website will also give you the ability to generate false online identities – useful to register with the web services in an anonymous and secure way. Moreover, the site offers an internal search engine to search for your data on the web.
In other words, Justdeleteme will help you to erase your unused accounts and protect your privacy.

To vanish or not to vanish from the Web?

For some time a number of researchers around the world got to examine  an abuse of social networks by users that showed a higher risk of disorders. According to the researchers, in fact, the misuse of the web significantly increases the risk of depression in boys.
Fear of Missing Out, or if you prefer F.O.M.O. in the form of an acronym, this is the name of a syndrome that has more and more widespread lately.  It’s  fear of missing out on an event in the network due to a lack of control of email and social networks. Among the other symptoms of F.O.M.O. there would be: the tendency to see the e-mail and social networks first thing in the morning and the propensity to manage multiple accounts.

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